REVIEW: Delmer Darion, Wildering

George Stamp

‘Wildering’ is the latest release from new Practise Music signees Delmer Darion, a London-via-West Midlands electronic and experimental double act. Five years in the making, their debut album will see a culmination of the duo’s hard work, crystallised in ten tracks of noisy, dynamic folktronica adorned with distinctively warped vocals and post-rock-inspired instrumentation.

This single gives us the first taste of their unique sound. Reverb-heavy electronic percussion is melded to a lively acoustic drum performance, while swathes of resonant synth stabs echo in the background. Just before the halfway mark, a plaintive acoustic guitar fades into the mix, playing a mournful arpeggio as the crashing instrumentation falls away piece by piece and the glitching vocals loop and oscillate into the final act of the song.

The lyrics (if you can discern them) allude to the wider concept at the heart of the upcoming album: “His fugue. / Empty streets. Tongue between His teeth.” The demonic connotation here is no accident; the album is based on the death of Satan, as inspired by the Wallace Stevens poem ‘Esthétique Du Mal’. Such lofty themes are complemented by the dense, billowing production of ‘Wildering’, which is simultaneously euphoric and apocalyptic.

Delmer Darion’s debut album is due out in late 2020 on Practise Music (Squid, Shards, William Doyle). ‘Wildering’ is available to stream and download from March 4th.




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